For individual lateral partners and group candidates, our focus is on exclusive representations.

The expertise of our search firm originates from our exclusive representations of successful lateral partner and group candidates to the top Am Law firms. We are also known for our extensive network of powerful decision-maker contacts within a select and diverse group of highly-profitable and healthy law firms nationally. Our contacts enable us to provide particular insight and knowledge not generally known about this premier group of law firms, including their strategic business plans to add successful lateral talent. These firms have invited us to become a part of their inner circle. We invite you to contact us to become a part of ours.


For law firms, our services include searches on an exclusive, retained, or contingent basis.
Exclusive & Retained Searches

Exclusive and retained services are available to those firms with a serious and immediate desire to add talented lateral partners and groups with portable business. For a non-refundable upfront fee that is fully deductible from the first placement, we will clear our desks and make recruiting for your firm our number one priority. We will work on your search on a full-time basis, providing daily or weekly updates until the search is mutually and satisfactorily considered completed. For more information about our exclusive and retainer search services, please contact us.

Contingent Searches

Our firm also conducts contingent search services for law firms with less immediacy, but who always want to be considered whenever we represent prime lateral partner candidates and groups. While a contingent search does not obligate your firm or ours to work together, many of our law firm clients have benefitted through our contingent search service. Please contact us for more information about our contingent search service.